Women: Should you think about the panties you possess?

Now if you fall in that category in which you have all the best outfits and dresses, but they look dull and not so happening then you need to think again. Yes, you have to think again about the inners you wear beneath them. Are the bras and panties you have of your size and body type? Come on, maybe you do give some attention to your bras but what about the panties? You cannot leave them behind at any time of your life. Your body is changing every second and you have to embrace it with both hands.

You can find a wide range of variety in bras and panties at platforms like You can explore the options that are full of life and comfort. But do you know what exactly you are looking for? Do you have the skills to make out which type of panty is good for you and which isn’t? Remember choosing a right pair of panties is as important as purchasing a perfect dress for yourself. Many females do not pay much attention to some minor details while choosing underclothing especially panty. After all, it is only underwear, what can go incorrect? Well, right size and material is all that really do matter. It is what many of you think right? Well, you need to think again and always buy a panty as per your body type. Have a look at some of the important points given below:

Bikini: Do you have it?

It is perfect beachwear that almost every woman wants to wear to showcase her body. The bikini panty caters lesser coverage when you compared it to a brief, but it gives you more coverage than the thong. It is the best underwear for low cut jeans. The good news is that it is available in both low and high cut; it actually compliments the curvy hips, flat bellies and moderately size bottoms. It is the type that suits best to hourglass and inverted triangle shaped bodies. However, if you have slightly heavier bottom then you can pick the high rise bikini panty that possesses laced waistbands.

Strings bikini

As the name says, the one thing that makes string bikini different from the conventional one is the thin strings on sides. These strings make the panties appear even erotic. Women having straight body that means the ones having not much difference in their waist, shoulders and hips, must opt for such type. These tie-side bottoms cater illusion of curves.


A tiny triangular panty that just covers the front area and leaves rear uncovered is known as the thong.  It is loved for the lack of coverage and is surely not for shy type of females. Females having dimpling or droopy bottoms must avoid wearing them. But if you possess a body that is absolutely firm and moderately sized, then you must go for it. The most famous kinds of thong that you can choose from are the G-String and C-String.  You have to pick the ones that make you feel comfortable!

So, these were only a few of the types of panties and you can find a complete range of types on platforms like Compliment your body with a right panty!

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