Unique And Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas For Lovey Dovey Couple

Planning the perfect wedding proposal is a difficult task for all you men out there.  Not only do you have to plan something spectacular, personal & try to keep it a secret, but it has to be a fantastic story that you can both share for years to come.  So when thinking about how to pop the question, think a little outside the box & come up with an amazing way that is unique, creative & not a chance she won’t say no.

Here A Few Wedding Proposal Tips & Ideas For You:

  1. Think of something personal~ This day should be about her. What she loves to do, her favorite foods, favorite places & special memories you both share together.  I love the idea of going to first places & having a little something there maybe a rose or a gift of some sort with a note that tells her about that memory.  Here are some ideas for these special locations: first date spot, your first kiss, your first “I love you”, or The place you were when you knew she was the one.  It really could be anything, just make sure it is personal & about your relationship.
  2. Create a Plan~ Having a plan in motion is vital. Some proposals will need you to coordinate with people so be sure to plan ahead & give those you are working with plenty of time to accommodate you. Here is a little tip too~More people than you think are willing to help you out.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask when you have a great idea of something that appeals to your soon to be fiance.  We all love a perfect love story so if you have a spot or special item you think would help then ask for some help.  You just may be surprised at how willing others are to see your proposal be a success.
  3. Create the perfect atmosphere~ It is all in the details. Candlelight, flowers, favorite foods or treats are all part of the perfect ambiance. Romance has to play a part of your wedding proposal.  You may not love to be the romantic guy but this is a time you can’t skip that step.  Whatever her pleasure be sure to keep her in mind when planning the big moment.  The journey on getting to the wedding may be all about both of you but to be quite honest the proposal is all about her.  A couple musts to create the perfect atmosphere would be:
  4. Perfect Location (a spot you have been to before or somewhere special that she will want to go to again- surprise new location is always a plus but just make sure you are willing to make that a perfect spot & take her there in the future for special occasions.)
  5. Have the ring (This is a must when you are proposing as it may be appear unofficial if the ring isn’t there. Also you will want to be sure to get her opinion on what she likes so you won’t disappoint.  There is nothing worse than having a ring you have to wear but don’t love so make sure it is something she will love wearing.)
  6. Have something she loves to give her (Think of something to make her feel like the princess she is. If you are going somewhere fancy get her a new dress that you helped pick out with of course the help of a trusted sales person or a close friend of your soon to be fiance, or favorite flowers, favorite music in the background. Something that makes her realize how special she is to you & that you really care about her needs & desires.)
  7. Make it fun, yet romantic~ Making your proposal something you both will enjoy. Something you enjoy together that can also be romantic.  This can be anything but be sure to add extras so it isn’t just another typical date.  A romantic candlelit dinner at home made by you. A picnic in the mountains where nothing else is around & you can surprise her with all of her favorite foods. Horseback ride up in the mountains or on the beach.  A night out to her favorite play, opera or concert.  Every couple is different so think to yourself how she would like to be asked & go from there.  If she likes the attention of doing it in a public place than great do that.  If she is more reserved & would rather have a more romantic, private proposal than do that.
  8. Capture the moment on camera~Whether you hire a wedding photographer in delhi, videographer or both to capture this special moment you won’t regret it. Most men don’t think about wanting to have this part taped or photographed but what a fantastic way to remember your feelings, emotions & capture it all. What a perfect way to share this moment with friends, family & even your future children.
  9. Get help from those who know her best~ When all else fails. Then get reinforcements. Talking with her best friend, parents or co-workers can always help you find new creative ideas that she is sure to love.

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