How to choose dresses for 2019 fashion trends?

There is a lot waiting for you in the next winters. Cosiness and warmth. It would all be there for us in the coming winters. Not just that we will be able to wrap ourselves in the cosiest clothes but also, we will be able to look the best.

Comfort before everything

Us girls are pretty aware of the fact that style comes with a cost. Nut not now. Now, you will be able to put up your style with the best of warmth and comfort. Its high time and now we do not need to give up on our comfort for style. Look the best by staying comfortable in your own comfort zone. This is the best we could ask for winters.

Celebrate your winters just like any other season by availing ownthelooks discount offers. Winters can also be colourful, fun and celebrating. All you need is to follow the real fashion trends that make you feel comfortable and pretty both at the same time.


Play with textures but do not be afraid to put on layers. Accumulate everything appropriately and feel comfy in style. Fashion trends of wearing 9 layers all at once have been seen helping us have a tight grip over the artistic fashion way. some designers are loving the layers in discrete manners. Also, the colours and colour combinations coming our way are outstanding too. there is so much we must look forward to owning the looks.


Ownthelooks you got in the cowgirl fashion these winters. Not just the boots will be long but also your standards. There is a lot awaiting you.


Floral prints seem more like of summers and bright seasons. You can now have a tint of floral prints and look as awesome as you want. You can try some new skirts of different lengths in florals and keep up your chic looks.

Padded jackets

Many women cannot make their winters end meet without padded jackets. So, to bring some modernity in the conventional styling, add some padding and style and mark your statement.

Themed shoulders

Who would have thought that there would come a time where we would be able to transform our shoulders too? well, the time has already come and we feel so good about it really. Now, in the coming winters, you would be looking forward to some great and amazing details on your shoulders. Some might be exaggerated, some might be flared but all of them would be the best.


Parkas have been the part of runways quite extensively. They do not only offer protection but also helps people explore different eccentric variations. The contemporary shapes and creativity enhance the overall look for sure.

So, for now, you must have got a great idea about how the things will work for you in the winters. There would be so much glam and you would love it all. Get creative looks ideas through Ownthelooks Instagram and have a better perspective about the fashion and style world.

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