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Perks of In-Salon Keratin Treatment

Hair has been the focal point of individuals for centuries. Whether man or woman, everyone wants to have good, healthy strands on their heads. Keratin is the protein component in the hair responsible for such hair. When the component becomes weak or fizzles out, the hair becomes dry and flaky. Keratin treatment is a chemical hair straightening process that turns kinky and curly hair into straight, shiny hair. The process is temporary, and therefore needs redo every time it wears out. Fortunately for keratin-deprived hair, the hair treatment is able to repair severe damage that is caused by excessive heat and styling products.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

Eliminates Frizz

This is probably the most obvious and known benefit of keratin treatment. Hair frizz is a headache for a lot of people, especially due to the appearance. The treatment locks the moisture in to the hair, giving tangle free hair. It is also able to reverse the perm waves that are sometimes set on temporary basis.

No need to Blow Dry

Most women take a lot of time in their morning routine on the hair, blow drying and using curling irons to make it manageable. These heating tools however, do more harm than good, and also take a lot of time getting rid of the frizz. In the long run, the hair also becomes very brittle and damaged. Keratin treatment is however able to reverse these problems.

Protection of the Hair Color

Hair color is more often than not, a reflection of its health. The keratin treatment is not only used on natural hair, it also works with chemically treated hair. The keratin procedure therefore maintains the hair color in both cases, to ensure the hair stays beautiful and attractive.


Since there is a variety of keratin hair treatment, people can use the different treatments they require and those that suit their personal needs. The different formulas range from eliminating curls to restoring the shiny appearance of the hair.

How Can Keratin Fix Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair is the main cause for most cases of hair damage. The different treatments available offer the keratin proteins the hair is lacking, to replace the loss, and repair the damaged hair. The replaced keratin is as effective as the natural keratin, smoothing out protein scales. We at the Full Spectrum Hair Salon in Murphy TX specialize in making women and men alike look and feel good.

Pro Tip: It is recommendable that your hair stylist advice you on the best kind of keratin treatment according to your hair type. Different types of treatment work for different hair types, to protect each from further hair damage.