Top 4 Clip In Human hair Extension

Clip in human hair extension is a type of clip in hair extension that is made of human hair. Using 100% human hair, you can get extra silkiness and fully customable hair extension. Here are four clip in human hair extensions that can be interesting option for you.

Bellami Clip in Hair Extension

Bellami definitely become one of the best brands of hair extension. It is well-known for its best quality hair extension. Each product that offered in Bellami is double drawn and it is made of 100% Remy human hair. In Bellami, you can choose the length and volume of clip in hair extension that match to your hair. There are many options of clip in hair extension style such as Ombre, colored, Curly, wavy and straight style. You could read the Bellami hair extensions review and buy them at Hairexten.

My Fantasy Hair Clip In Hair Extension

My Fantasy hair also offers interesting options of clip in hair extension. They are only produced with the pure human hair, but it is also double drawn. The key of producing high quality clip in hair extension is in the process of producing. Clip in hair extension by my fantasy hair takes a long and careful process in ensuring that every hair strand is sorted and in the same length. There are some collections of clips in hair extension based on the length, volume, and the style.

Floxy Lock Clip in Hair Extension

The next option of clip in hair extension that offers pure human hair is Floxy Lock clip in hair extension. Floxy Lock Clip in Hair Extension uses 100% human hair. It is tangle free and very soft and silk. It will definitely match with your own natural hair. Floxy lock uses silicon clips that will perfectly grab your natural hair to stop them from slipping. It also offers many varieties of length and thickness. There are extensive ranges of multi-tonal shades that you can choose.

Remy Clips In Hair Extension

Remy Clips is the next option of clip in human hair extension that you can choose. This clips in hair Extension uses Remy human hair. It is soft and silky to be touch and it will perfectly blend with your own hair. You can easily apply and style the hair extension hair. There are two options of pack that you can choose which are 18 & 20 Inch and 24 Inch. For each length, you can also pick the volume or thickness such as 100 gram, 120 gram, 160 gram, 220 gram, 240 gram and others. Read about Remy Clip in Hair Extensions Benefits on Those are some options of clip in hair extension that you can choose to instantly longer your hair in minutes. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best clip in human hair extension for you.